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Some of the Feature and Short Films showcased in 2012

Re:Play-Girls   Yuki Saito  Feature Film   Japan

“Michi, a high school girl with a seemingly perfect life — loving parents, popularity, average grades, one day finds herself wanting to end her own life. She joined an online suicide game, ‘Re:Play-Girls’. The twelve girls who have agreed to ‘REPLAY’ are relocated to an anonymous island where they are ordered to kill themselves.”

El Lenguaje del Tiempo   Sebastian Araya Serrano  Feature Film  Chile

“A Man and a Woman who get together after several months of absence in an attempt to reconcile their differences. They had once been a couple and share an immensely painful past; a past that became the cause of their separation. But it seems that a tragic ending is the doomed destiny for these characters that seem incapable of achieving happiness. ”

2 Night   Roi Werner  Feature Film  Israel

A man and a woman just met in a hip night club in Tel Aviv.   They went out for fresh air.

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PATIENT 17  Tuyet Le  Feature Film  Vietnam / United Kingdom

“Two interns are asked to investigate new patient Sarah Benedict after her failed suicide attempt. When they search into her past, they discover disturbing events that put their lives in danger. At first rivals, they finally team up to uncover the dark secret of Sarah Benedict.”

Deste Lado da Ressurreição    Joaquim Sapinho /Maria João Sigalho Feature Film  Portugal

“Ines finds out her brother came back from Australia.  But surfing no longer matters to him, only the sky, as if he searched for it underwater. Inês realizes that, unlike what her mother said, her brother was in a convent, and he is going back.  At the convent, Rafael can’t find the peace he was looking for and he’s still at this side of Resurrection.

O que há de novo no amor? Mónica Baptista ,Maria Sigalho , Hugo Martins, Tiago Nunes, Hugo Alves, Rui Santos, Patrícia Raposo   Feature Film   Portugal

“Six friends meet every evening in a basement to make music. During the daytime, however, there are no rehearsals for what life brings us.  Each endeavor leaves its mark. Rita left Ricardo, Rafael found her, but she still feels lost. Eduardo thought he no longer liked Maria, but after what he has done he cannot turn the clock back. João lacks the courage to break up with his girlfriend and takes refuge in the song he is writing for Inês. Marco struggles to get another young man’s love, but he is under no illusions. Samuel believes in everlasting love but something is wrong because his friends haven’t heard from him for sometime. Inês, attempting to feel safe, likes to experiment and is waiting to see how things go with João. With all this going on, the band could only be falling apart…”

Cultures of Resistance  Lara Lee Documentary Features   U S A

” From IRAN, where the graffiti and rap became tools in fighting back the regime, to BURMA, where monks acting in the tradition of Gandhi take on a dictatorship, moving on to BRAZIL, where musicians reach out to slum kids and transform guns into guitars, and ending in PALESTINIAN refugee camps in LEBANON, where photography, music, and film have given a voice to those rarely heard.  CULTURES OF RESISTANCE explores how art and creativity can be the ammunition in the battle for peace and justice. “

Pets’ Republic of China  Michael Zhao   Documentary Features   China/USA

” some of Chinese major metropolitan areas are each home to over a million of stray animals. Although a handful Chinese have earned notorious reputation as cats/dogs traffickers (for meat) or animal abuse freaks, there are many people, who are helping these poor creatures, abandoned and/or mistreated. These heroes have not only sunken huge numbers of dollars, but also have stretched their family and financial resources to shelter, nurse and help hundreds, in rare cases, thousands of cats and dogs. Their efforts may seem negligible in the backdrop of an enormous problem nation wide, but their stories are touching and powerful and they deserve attention world wide to help them, and more importantly to help all life that deserves more respect among hundreds of millions more Chinese.”

Becul peticit sau autobiografia unei iluzii   Gheorghe Sfaiter   Feature Film   Romania

“A child, a student and he – a grown man, a metaphorical trinity, is a symbol of the dynamics of time perception over a lifetime.  Starting from certain states and subjective emotions of a substantially autobiographical substrate, the flow of time is unwound, deconstructed or, more specifically, explored up to the elementary level of its visual particle.   The kinetic style of the images, jerky and syncopated like an insecure baby walk, dislocates a type of naive perception, an uncertain relationship between time and motion.”

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Gokuraku no ojisan   Naoki Ichio     Feature Film Japan

“From distant town in Kyoto, a young woman Aya comes to her uncle’s house in Nagoya. However, a young man Jun lives there but the uncle cannot be found  The strange cohabitation of them begins.”

Fambul Tok   Sara Terry   Documentary Features   U S A

“Victims and offenders of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war come together for the first time, to revive their ancient cultural practice of ‘fambul tok’ (family talk) to address the horrors of the conflict. Rebuilding shattered lives and communities through truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies at bonfires and in cleansing rituals used by their ancestors, Sierra Leoneans are also building sustainable peace at the grass-roots level – succeeding where the international community’s post-conflict efforts failed. Neighbors and whole villages come to terms with rape, murder — and massacre, in a story that involves one of the most notorious alleged offenders of the war, Captain Mohammed Savage, who plays a surprising role in the film.”

Orient Top Town Documentary Feature Hong Kong/China

Orient Top Town is the name of a luxurious development in Southern Shanghai in China.  Unfortunately, no one bought the properties.  So the owner invited artists to work and live there for free.  Soon, over 150 studios were set up there. This is a stories of contemporary China, the artists, their struggles, their lives in the fringe of the city.



Short Film Highlights 2012

From Her to Eternity   Kondo Reiko   Japan

“A French guy and a Japanese Girl meet in the dream every night. They are eternal lovers.”

Hourglass       Pedro Collantes        Norway/Spain

“In small town by the Trondheim’s fjord ,  Anna and Anton are starting to enter into adolescence.”

Tántalo Rosa  Peris Medina Carmen Lloret           Animation Spotlight  Spain

“Tantalus was condemned to not get what he wishes. Through visual continuity and substantial movement, in this animation the sentence is showed as a pleasant way of life. As well the frame frequency changes depending of the expressive intention.”

Samurai          Jaime Fidalgo             Short Film      Mexico

“Among the trees at dawn, a man will have to face the truth after getting a mysterious phone call: secret, betrayal, adultery, crime, Samurai”

Manual for bored girls         Jesús  Plaza    Short Film      Spain  “ The girls are home alone in a boring summer evening.  “

War story        davood moradian karahrood           Short Film      Iran

“Two thirsty soldiers stand at opposite ends of a minefield. Both can see the other staring at a water jug in the middle of the field, they must kill the other to get a hold of the precious water..”

L’imputato     Short Film      Italy

” His whole life is about work.  Then he falls into a reverie.  In a strange train he meets an old man, and a hot woman.   He is torn between a life all about work, and a life all about pleasure.

1:30 AM         Sourav De India

“A poetic but chilling film about Nishi, who  is torn inside by her split personality. She could not remember whether she had killed the whole family.”

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ALTEREGO Y LA MÁSCARA DEL MIEDO     Short Film      Mexico

“Alterego hurga en las cloacas de las vecindades espirituales donde el miedo anida, explorando la enigmática muralla que existe entre los mundos perversos de la ensoñación y el umbral de la muerte. Olma y su madre se encuentran sumidas en un mutismo dantesco producto del abandono, la co dependencia y el miedo a la soledad.”

Those Inescapable Slivers of Celluloid       Jeremy Moss  Short Film      U S A

“a prophet’s omniscient and culpable gaze; contemplating ideology and place.”

Sea Pavilion   Short Film      South Africa / U S A

” Filmed in eerie and picturesque Macassar, South Africa, where the dunes have half-buried a once vibrant recreation park, a young couple learn that some dark corners should not be revealed in the light of day.”

Hello Bambi   Faiyaz Jafri     Animation Spotlight  U S A

” We enter the subconscious of Snow White through her Hello Kitty bow. The train races through a toadstool forest destroying a ceramic apple.  Darth Vader screams…”

Maitham Al Musawi  Amer Al Rawas Short Film Oman

“A young boy Muntadher lived in the hospital all his life, but doesn’t know why.”

The Cartographer     Jane Shadbolt            Animation Spotlight Australia

“Polly’s mapped the entire world. Almost. There is one last, lost city to go. But to know this place is to destroy it and the city’s residents have other plans.  Polly has to decide what’s where, what’s right and how to get out.”

Being Bradford Dillman EMMA BURCH Animation Spotlight  United Kingdom

“The tale of how Molly had actually been born a boy called Bradford Dillman but, because of Mum’s want for a little girl, she asked the doctors to chop her willy off.”

The Game       Marcin Janiec Animation Spotlight Poland

“Somewhere between life and death. Chess duel for the most precious stake -permission to live.  There is only one judge, someone who you don’t want to meet.Thoughts about the passing of time and the inevitability of fate, which questionbeliefs – they usually come to mind in tough and crucial circumstances. ,,This is amovie about a man, who would not have agreed with death’ says Marcin Janiec,director of The Game.”

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