2013 Pineapple Categories

Our Call for Submission for 2013 starts from 28 October 2012 to 31st March 2013.

1. Feature Films

World cinema dramatic showcase : these will be exceptional feature films of over 60 minutes by some of the best and most exciting filmmakers around the world.

2. Feature Films : Politics and Underground

You have something to say;   but you expressed it not in a documentary.  Somewhere hidden in your script , it carries an even more profound message than merely a presentation of facts.  It could be a love story, but it was your country’s politics that drives your script.  It could be suspense, but in fact, it is an idea that subvert the status quo.  If you could not decide on the category, simply submit as a Feature Film.

3. Feature Documentary

Documentaries of over 60 minutes that examines issues that will change our perception of what’s happening around us.  Features in this category are unlike those usually seen on television.  Documentary films create a unique narrative form and became an art in itself.

4. Short Films

The only limit in this category is the fun-time : narrative, documentary, experimental and original films around the world of under 60 minutes.

5. Animation Spotlight

PUFF Animation is renowned in Asia to showcase amazing and outstanding animation new work.  PUFF Animation Program was viewed by over 20,000 during the West Kowloon Cultural District Film Tent on 1st and 2nd December 2012.   Created by hand or by software, 2-D or 3-D, animation stretches our imagination and creates different spheres in storytelling. Animation spotlight showcase both short (under 60 min) and feature (over 60 min) animation films.

6. Visual Art & Performance

Experimental and innovative, these films are a convergence of film, art, and new media technology. They are presented alternative spaces, theatres and galleries. The winner of this category will be invited to present their work  during the film festival and then selected artists will be invited to create an exhibition  in alternative art space in Hong Kong.

7.  PUFF Indie Sound & Original Score Showcase

Two Worlds Collide  –  It is not the image alone that creates the meaning; the language of film is created by two worlds collide : sound and sight. PUFF hopes to create an alternative way to think about scoring.   The scores and sound design not merely enhance the emotion of the writing, but the non verbal medium provides a commentary in contrast to the visuals or it can lead the narrative flow of the work.

Film as Sound Art  –   The PUFF Indie Music Showcase is an extraordinary way of pairing original music writers and film.  It is a new direction initiated by a film festival.  Here, the emphasis is not the film as a whole, but sections of the work with sound and music that creates an outstanding piece of work in its own right.  Submit the whole film with a summary highlighting the section of the film that illustrate your skills and work as an original song writer , sound designer or sound technician.

* Entries must be produced after January 2011  ; enquires micahpicturesltd@gmail.com