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Deste Lado da Ressurreição
Directed by Joaquim Sapinho


(113m, Portugal)

19-22 JUNE 2012

A beautiful meditation about life and faith – not only in God but in ourselves.  How strong can a film be?  Its images powerful enough to change our emotions. A film that deals both with surf and a religious personal quest.  Surfing can be a metaphor for life.  In our fast Internet age, when 140 characters can be a text, a film as ‘This side of resurrection’ can be a daring experience that forces its audience to take a deep breath and dive with its protagonists siblings into the ocean of life.


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Quam (2010)


Quam (2010)

Director | 導演:Mario d’Anna
Italy| 意大利
Colour | 彩色
92 mins | 92分鐘
Looking at all this year’s entries, we can see that many young independent filmmakers have a deep fascination with topics about technology and the future. In particular, the themes of dreams and virtual reality was given a lot of attention, probably due to the success of the amazing blockbuster “Inception” last year. We selected one of the best out of them, the Italian sci-fi “Quam”. Made with a much lower budget, it is a stylish take on the artificial dream theme which turns out to be a very satisfactory psychological thriller as well.