The Language of Time
Original Title : El Lenguaje del Tiempo
Directedby : Sebastian Araya Serrano
(1 hr 26 min,  Chile, 2011)  Asia Premiere
Location : EXPERIMENTA 16th June ( Sat.) 9:00pm

The Language of Time tells the tale of a Man and a Woman who get together in an attempt to reconcile their differences.  It is a exemplary first feature film by the Araya brothers from Chile ; an auteur film that is intensely poetic and that experiments with a new form of narrative and imagery.   Winner of PUFF Indie Award 2012.
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Our PUFF Indie Award winner 2011 :

The Debts 大城囍事 (2010)


China | 中國大陸

Colour | 彩色
83 mins | 83分鐘

A vain dream cooked with lottery, seasoning with a couple that never gave up wishing rich over gambling, a captain that aspired to bring down the single-child policy, corrupted Mr and Mrs Bureau Head and the Chinese mafia and comrades. This crude bunch had weaved a sitcom of frauds and cheats. “The Debts” reflects today’s China with a good taste of sarcasm, guaranteed to exhale with huge satisfaction!
The whole shooting was done in the Jiangsu Province, so keeping the local dialect as well as revealing this place on screen for the very first time by interlacing exquisitely the customs and culture. Wang Xiao Ming narrated with sophistication, and full humor, thereby making a manifesto of a good story with soul needs the least bankroll!

故事發生於江蘇省X縣:一個彩票夢、一對夢想一朝發達嘅爛賭夫妻、一位想破壞一孩政策嘅生育計畫隊隊長、一對好色貪財嘅局長夫婦、 仲有大情聖黑社會大佬同惡霸副手⋯⋯呢班五光十色嘅市井人物,構出一套爾虞我詐,光怪陸離嘅處境喜劇。全當地方言拍攝,就地取材,包你拍案叫絕!

王小明以成熟的敘事手法及豐富的幽默感來證明即使沒有資金,只靠獨立山寨精神,同樣可以拍出一個精采故事! 《大城喜事》諷刺今日中國社會怪現象,淋漓盡致,較《讓子彈飛》的隱喻式描繪更大快人心!