(Category III) High-school student Michi, who wants to end her own life, stumbles into an online suicide chat room, where she decides to buy their special service. She is asked: “Would you like to REPLAY?” and impulsively presses “Yes”, catapulting herself on a quest to her own death in the suicide game, “Re:Play-Girls”.

for ages 18 & above

Other Japanese films in the festival  :

10 JUNE 2012 (60min, Japan at Hidden Agenda 8pm

Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性愛機

Directed by : Taku Kuroda

Shy Japanese office man loved his girlfriend but he wanted more.  She cannot be physically touched but she wanted it too.  The only answer to that is a sex machine.

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PUFF 2011 feature

SEX EQUO (2010)


SEX EQUO (2010)

Director | 導演:Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli
Italy | 意大利
Colour | 彩色
63 mins | 63分鐘

A moving love story with blow-up dolls; what a man will do in order to have sex with a mysterious stranger; a dominatrix with a very specialized skill – these are just some of the stories in this highly original, surreal and most importantly, very funny collection of tales about sex from Italy. Introduced by Adam and Eve who are suitably obsessed with forbidden fruits, these absurd tales reminded us why sex is the hidden driving force behind the human existence. One of the highlights of the festival and not to be missed.

一個男子深深愛著他的吹氣娃娃;另一個則扭盡六壬為求與陌生女子的一夜纏綿;還有她那支配對手的獨門偏方‥‥‥ 意大利超現實原創作品《Sex Equo》盡收情色世界之光怪陸離!一切從阿當和夏娃偷嚐禁果開始,荒謬的情節揭示出「性」這隱藏在生存背後的強大動力。「菠蘿」焦點,萬勿錯過!